Pratt Lake with Buck

On June 25 Buck and I hiked to Pratt Lake.  That wasn’t the intention when we started, though.  We were going to conquer Granite Mountain – a 3,800 foot climb in 4 miles to a fire lookout at the 5,600 summit.  However, in our heads down determination to make good time we marched right past the cutoff to Granite Mountain and ended up heading for Pratt Lake.  We realized our mistake not too long after we missed it, but we came upon a couple of (young and green) hikers and asked them, and they confidently told us the fork was up ahead of us.  A mile or so later we got to it and discovered it was the wrong fork.  After already climbing a couple of thousand feet or so, neither Buck nor I felt like retracing our steps, so on we trudged to Pratt Lake, 6 miles each way a total of 2,900 feet of elevation gain (2300 in, 600 out).

We crossed raging rivers.

2010-06 Pratt Lake Hike 003

Trekked through knee-deep snow drifts.

2010-06 Pratt Lake Hike 008

Rested once in a while.

2010-06 Pratt Lake Hike 007

Crossed great fields of gigantic boulders.

2010-06 Pratt Lake Hike 009

And finally reached a quiet lake in a valley surrounded by mountains.

2010-06 Pratt Lake Hike 013

2010-06 Pratt Lake Hike 015

Where Buck got to play in the water and dig for buried treasure and get muddy2010-06 Pratt Lake Hike 019 .


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